10 of the Best Android Games for Free Download

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As the Android games are getting more popular, publishers and game developers are making more interesting games. Games that has cool graphics and exciting gameplay. We listed 10 of the best Android games so far that you can get for your android phone or tablet for free. They are not listed in any particular order but we put in the list an assortment of game types from shooting game, puzzle and rung.


1. Temple Run 2 – this game will make your mobile gadgets heats up because of it’s addicting style of play and cool graphics! As of now this surpasses it’s predecessor in terms of design and over all game play. There are lots of additions from the previous ones likes Zip Lines, Carts etc. The Temple Run 2 is more challenging and much more better as this runs smoothly, seamlessly with out any major glitches. The other thing that we like is the challenge mode where you can post your score and your friends in contact list and challenge them to surpass it. You can download it HERE.

  • Publisher: IMANGI Studios


2. Frontline Commando – play as the sole survivor of renegade Commando and you are out to make some payback! Trap in the middle of the frontline you need to survive using your specialized skills acquired during training. It is one if not the best shooting game in Android platform and best of all it’s on 3D. Good controls overall in game, game play is awesome but upgrades cost a lot (argh!). But it’s definitely worth while to play. Download it HERE.

  • Publisher: GLU Mobile


3. Contract Killer Zombies – another cool game from GLU Mobile. After hunting down criminals you are now out to face and hunt the walking deads! That’s right, you have to assist Evelyn and survive against the horde of zombie. It has a great feel overall of the game and brain busting graphics for an Android game. If you are out looking for a first person shooter game you don’t wanna want to missed this one.Download it HERE.

  • Publisher: GLU Mobile


4. Zombie Smasher – the zombie’s are out and you need to depend your home from this brainless horde. You don’t to plant anything to kill attacking zombie. all you have to do is tap them out to smashed and eliminate them. It’s simple game play but be warned that this has a very addicting hours of gameplay. Graphics fits right. The author did a great job of how to approach the design of this game. Download it HERE.

  • Publisher: Italy Games


5. Flow Free – simple yet beats other hyped games in terms of gameplay and entertainment value. It has quite a unique gameplay and offers hundreds of levels to explore and solve. You can choose which mode to play like relax, challenging or ecven frenetic. If you traveling or waiting for some one or just want to pass by time this app is just right. Download it HERE.

  • Publisher: Big Duck Games LLC


6. Granny Smith – a simple game run and chase but was approached in an entertaining way. Cool simple graphics and nice sounds effect was added to a fast paced game of chase. The object of the game is to chase down would be thief of her apples. Players will be jumping and sliding and smashed things in a country style setting. Download it HERE.

  • Publisher: Mediocre


7. Deep Escape – a running game the is set under the sea and your objective is to escape from the dangers of the under sea world including avoiding missiles, pirates ships and many other marine obstacles. And while you’re at it you may want to collect coins and items along the way to including speed boosts or even ride a dolphin. This is of the best Android games in terms of battery consumption and low cpu usage. Download it HERE.

  • Publisher: appdriven


8. Basketball All-Stars – shoot your way to stardom on this Android Basketball game. The game is simple, a group of basketball rings passes from bottom and top and all you have to do is shoot the ball through the hoops. You’ll be moving from left to right (vice versa) and timed the release of the ball. The huge banner at the bottom may find a little bit distracting but this a a good time killer game. Good graphics and cool gameplay. Get it HERE.

  • Publisher: West Street Games


9. Bubble Shooter – is good bubble match 3 game which has and cool sound effect plus graphics. You can spend hours playing this without noticing how long have you been playing. Game play is easy whether you’re playing with your phone or android tablet all you need to do is just tap where you want the bubble to shoot. You’ll need to clear all the bubble on each level. You can get it for free HERE.

  • Publisher: Cool Mango


10. Soldiers of Glory – a World War II themed tower defense games that has a feel like world war environment. You have to defend your base from advancing force by strategically placing towers, infantries including air raids. The levels are challenging enough and not frustratingly difficult. Campaigns are well designed. Check it for yourself HERE.

  • Publisher: Cat Studio Inc.


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