How to Play Farmville 2: Country Escape on PC

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Zynga has just recently released Farmville 2: Country Escape for Android and App Store and it promises anew gaming experience. You can now play Farmville 2 even without Facebook. The game can now be played in your Android Device or iPod. But we found a new way to play Farmville 2: Country Escape even with out an Android device or iPod. You can play it with in your PC simply by installing a program called Bluestacks. And this step by step guide will show you how to do it:


Step 1: Head on to the and download the latest version of Bluestacks. You can choose either for windows or mac. For Windows, it compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8.


Step 2: Go to the folder where you downloaded the file from and look for a file named BlueStacks-SplitInstaller_native.exe (it can be a different name but it will be closely similar name).


Step 3: Double click the file to start installing Bluestacks.

Installing Bluestacks


Step 4: It will take a while to finish the installation process for it will check for the latest version of some files it needs.

Installing Bluestacks


Step 5: Once you successfully install Bluestacks you will now have the welcoming screen. At first, Farmville 2: Country Escape (Android Version) is not available from the screen. We will need to search for it at the Google Play Store.

installation of Blustacks succesful


Step 6: Bluestack will then need to install two more features so that we can use the Google Play Store. It will need to set up “Enable App Store” and “Enable App Sync”.

Enabling App Store


Step 7: First for the “Enable App Store”, you will need to sign in with a Google Account. You can use your current Google account to sign in or you can create a new one.

Sign in with Google Create New Account


Step 8: Once Bluestacks completed enabling the app store it will then need to enable the app sync. Just click the continue button to proceed.

Enabling App Sync


Step 9. Once both feature is enabled we can now use Google Play Store and look for Farmville 2: Country Escape (or other Android Games you may like to play).

Step 10: To install Farmville 2: Country Escape on your PC using Bluestack simply search for Farmville 2: Country Escape. Click on inside the “search box” just top left side of the screen and type the word “Farmville 2”.

Search for Farmville 2


Step 11: Click on the Farmville 2: Country Escape icon and then click “Install”

Install Farmville 2 Country Escape


Step 12: Wait for it to finish downloading and the installation process.

App Permission

Installing Farmville 2: Country Escape


Step 13: Once it successfully completed the installation process. You may now click the “open” button to start playing Farmville 2: Country Escape in your PC.

Opening Farmville 2: Country Escape on your Android PC

Farmville 2 on Adroid PC

Click the Farmville 2: Country Escape icon to start to play.


Click do not show again for this app

Click do not show again for this app.


Farmville 2 Country Escape


Farmville 2 Country Escape

Once you do all the instructions above and went smooth you’ll be greeted by Marie. You can now play Farmville 2: Country Escape in your PC.


Note: If you encounter a trouble running it for the first time, simply restart Bluestacks.

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  1. asif says:

    play for pc

  2. Patrick says:

    Followed instructions just fine, launched FarmVille 2: Country Escape, the screen auto-rotates into landscape mode and goes blank for about 15 seconds… then simply returns to the home screen again. It’s in the “recent apps” list, but re-clicking on it does the exact same thing. I’ve exited and restarted BlueStacks twice, no luck.

    Any advice?

  3. Jack says:

    Very useful, thank you so much for sharing..!!!

  4. d says:

    when i try to download country escape, it says there is an error. i’ve restarted several times.

  5. tricia says:

    how do i sync my phone game with the bluestack game.

  6. natalie says:

    Once I install it to my pc or mac, Is there any known way to load current game? Or are we just starting over? And is it still using iTunes information such as billing. My problem is, I got a few gift cards through zynga (Facebook credit) for christmas. It won’t let me use them on my phone. All my purchases go through my iTunes setup. So I figured load game on computer and bypass it that way. Simply forcing it to use my fb credit. Don’t know if this is even possible. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Wendy says:

      That is exactly why I am trying to load it on my PC….$40 in gift cards loaded into Facebook and can’t use because of itunes….

  7. Need to know how (if possible) to sync my farm from my kindle to the laptop so I have the same farm on each.


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