Transfering Old Files to Windows 7

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Transferring or migrating your old files to a new PC or Windows 7 are sometimes troublesome. And there is one program may certainly help you from migrating your old Windows XP files to a new Windows 7. Windows Easy Transfer may do the job and it is come pre-installed in Windows 7. If you have a Windows Vista or Windows XP well you can just download and install it for free.


Step by step: Transfer data from one PC to another


1. Download and Install – To transfer files from your Windows XP computer to your new Windows 7 machine, first download and install Windows Easy Transfer from Click ‘Download 32 Bit’. If you think your PC is 64-bit, click “Is my old PC running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows?” to check.


2. Choose how to transfer – Once you’ve opened Windows Easy Transfer, click “Next” in the box that opens. The following screen will asks how you want to transfer items to your new PC. If you’ve got an Easy Transfer cable use this – if not, opt to use an external hard disk or USB drive, or transfer via network.


3. Which PC? – First of all, you’re going to transfer files from your old computer, so you need to select “This is my old computer”. Windows now takes a good look through your hard drive to see what sort of items you can transfer to your new Windows computer.


4. Select what to transfer – If you’re happy with everything Windows has found to transfer, click on “Next”. Windows Easy Transfer tells you how big the files you’re transferring are in the bottom right hand side, so check there’s enough space on your external drive if that’s how you’re going to transfer them.


5. Select less – If you’d like to customise which files or settings Windows transfers, click “Customized” under your PC’s name, and select or deselect folders. To delve deeper and further customized what you transfer, click on Customize > Advance, select more folders, then click “Save”.


6. Protect and Save – All your files and settings are saved in one file, which you can password protect. This stops anyone tampering with it before it’s moved. Next choose where to save the file – we saved it to a portable external drive. Saving can take a while, so do something else while you wait.


7. Transfer it – Once the file is saved, click “Next”, then “Next” again, then”Close”. Turn on your new PC, plug in the hard drive you copied the Windows Easy Transfer file to, browse to it and double-click it. When prompted, enter the password, then click “Transfer”. Your old items are transferred over.


8. Moving Stuff – You now have a new Windows 7 PC with all your files from your Windows XP machine, so there’s little left to do except install old programs. Click “See a list of programs you might wanna install” for a report of which apps you should install, based on what you used on your old PC.

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